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Model In-Progress / Re: UC Hardgraph M353A4-04 Argun
« on: November 30, 2012, 07:56:21 PM »
It's always hard to disguise an M2, but that isn't too bad!  Gonna drill out the barrel?

Model In-Progress / Re: UC Hardgraph M353A4-04 Argun
« on: November 23, 2012, 06:28:00 PM »
That's what I'm talking about!  Since the suspension is variable, the boarding ladders don't need to make sense when it is in travel mode.  It could "kneel" when stopped.

Model In-Progress / Re: UC Hardgraph M353A4-04 Argun
« on: November 20, 2012, 06:09:14 PM »
If you want, I can post on the other fora... :)

As for the wheel clearance, you are right, it is not good.  I'd suggest at least the tread height as a bare minimum for clearance.  The rubber won't make up for the articulation the suspension would need over rough terrain.

Model In-Progress / Re: UC Hardgraph M353A4-04 Argun
« on: November 20, 2012, 06:36:53 AM »
Just a style comment: the wheelbase is too short IMO.  I know this is a sci fi vehicle, but a wheelbase that short front to back would be unstable.  Plus with the turret itwill look really tail heavy. I think all you'd have to do is center the rear axle on that middle panel of the vehicle rear.

Model In-Progress / Re: UC Hardgraph M61A5
« on: November 02, 2011, 09:50:27 AM »
Could it be an update? Kind of sorta. First, while I was away, my wife packed up my in progress models and model desk anticipating we would be moving. Good news is she took really good care, maybe better than I would have done. The bad news is this tank was on the desk, and unfortunately suffered minor damage in the form of the railing around the rear stowage basket getting busted off.

While I was away, I snagged the Tamiya 1/35 modern U.S. accessories kit which includes bed rolls, stowage bags, back packs, etc. I now had the stuff I needed to fill the rear of the turret stowage rack...the one that got busted up. :rolleyes:

The only thing I did with the set was fill in the back sides of the packs, since they are hollow for mold purposes, with Magic Sculpt. I also got to see first hand how they guys tend to hang things off vehicles (it's not as random as you think), so I have some good ideas now on how to jazz things up.

So, I'm in between fixing old damage and trying to finish this guy, all the while I have no modeling desk, my model supplies are packed but somewhat accessible, etc. I have what I think is a clever idea on what to do with the rear turret basket and gear, so hopefully my next update will cover that.

Model In-Progress / Re: UC Hardgraph M353A4-04 Argun
« on: March 13, 2011, 10:04:59 AM »
Looks like an F-15E conformal fuel tank to me.  I like what is being done to break up the outline, except the CFT.  Not because I recognize the CFT, but because it has organic sexy curves, while the rest of the vehicle is very blocky.  It is potentially too much of a visual diversion from the rest of the design.  But, I'm sure there's more to come...

Model In-Progress / Re: UC Hardgraph M353A4-04 Argun
« on: March 02, 2011, 07:57:37 AM »
Here's a thought--chop up the turret a bit.  Maybe cut off the rear corners, or instead of a vertical rear wall, cut the rear wall and roof so it slopes down to the back at a 45 angle or something.  Anything to take away the pure kitbash.  It could be the mullet of turrets--ZSU-23 business in the front, Gundam party in the back.

Model In-Progress / Re: UC Hardgraph M353A4-04 Argun
« on: March 01, 2011, 09:37:04 PM »
I think you are in danger of putting a ZSU-23 turret on a hovertank.  Seriously, are you sure you want it that recognizable?  Not judging, just asking.

Model In-Progress / Re: UC Hardgraph M353A4-04 Argun
« on: February 19, 2011, 04:41:52 AM »
Where are the guns originally from?  I like the metal upgrades.

Model In-Progress / Re: UC Hardgraph M61A5
« on: February 10, 2011, 07:20:16 AM »
I'm now done with the filter washes and will be moving on to staining prior to final weathering/base building.  The final weathering will be the rain marks/streaks, and a fair amount of horizontal streaking (look at a modern Leopard 2). I still have to fix the commander's cupola optics, which are all busted up from my earlier boo-boo.  For anyone wondering what all the filters and washes did, and are having trouble seeing the subtle shifts in the older pics, here's a shot of the turret.  The commader's MG mount is upside dwn, and is essentially untouched Radome tan.  Compare that to the rest of the Radome tan, or any of the other colors, and the color shift should be apparent.

BTW, I guess the camo really works--nobody, myself included, noticed the left side generator cover was missing (look directly below the front corner of the turret, below the "311").

It occured to me last night that I am out of time on this guy for now.  I might get to the oil staining, or headlights/tail lights and maybe get a coat of polyeurathane on the wooden base to seal it, but not much more is going to happen for a while.  So, I decided to do something a little different.  My "backstory" is this particular tank was part of the EFGF assigned to the European theatre, specifically in the Balkans.  As Operation Odessa swings into gear, Gen Revil has ordered all available ground units to push into Odessa. Being a platoon lead for a Balkan based unit, this particular tank is one of many rushed North East to push the Zeon off of Earth, or at least that part of it.  Also, since this crew has survived multiple engagements with enemy MS, and has even claimed a couple using unorthodox means, I would imagine these guys have gotten kind of used to their vehicle.  So, long time in a particular tank, unit leader status, and rushed to a battle front 300-500 miles away, they probably would have thrown all their crap on the tank and rolled. 

With that in mind, there is a whole lot of stowage space on the back of the turret basket that is awefully clean for a "lived in" tank...

Model In-Progress / Re: UC Hardgraph M61A5
« on: February 07, 2011, 12:18:13 PM »
Thanks.  The tracks to me are pretty decent considering they are largely unpainted but roughed up viny.  I will have to do some dust coating to tie the kit to the base, but I'm hoping enough of the underlying weathering will show through to make it worthwhile.  And for that, I have decided this guy will be an active participant in the Battle of Odessa, and am using a lot of Afghanistan pics for reference.

Washes and flat coats are done, now awaiting panel filter wash.  I threw it all together to see how it looks and for motivation.

Model In-Progress / Re: UC Hardgraph M61A5
« on: February 05, 2011, 02:19:34 PM »
While the turret was being cleaned up and flat coated, work continues on the treads.  After the oil wash had dried, and the excess wash was removed, the tread teeth were masked off.

With the tape pulled off, here's the end result.  The one in back is not yet done.

And the final tracks:

...ready to be covered in dust and terrain so the underlying work will essentially be invisible...   :meh:

Model In-Progress / Re: UC Hardgraph M61A5
« on: February 02, 2011, 07:56:53 AM »
I'm actually getting pretty psyched now.  I completed the overall oil wash and surface clean up (on a kit of this size with tons of nooks and crannies, and the conditions I get to work in there ends up being crap caught in the paint or clear coats to remove/fix).  The overall oil wash was made using a mix of a pea sized blob of burnt umber oil paint and 25 ml of odorless thinner.  This ratio worked really well, and left the subtle shading while also giving the color coats something of a unifying brown tone.  Since the surface was glossy, there was very little shading overall; I expect to enhance this effect when I do the flat coat/filters.  The immediate next step is a thicker wash for the pin wash.  The pin wash is really intended to be a precision wash applied with a fine brush versus the overall wash applied with a wide, flat brush. 

There is light at the end of the main concern now is that I won't be able to get the base set up in the time I have left.  But if I can get the base kit done minus the final weathering that will tie it to a base, I'll be happy.

Model In-Progress / Re: UC Hardgraph M61A5
« on: January 29, 2011, 11:26:13 AM »
Okay, the appearance of progress.  After gloss coating, decals have gone on. I ended up printing some custom kill markings for the turret, and created proper unit markings for the division/regiment/brigade/battalion/company/platoon/track number (say that five times fast).  I made the turret kill markings kind of big for a couple reasons:

1.  Most M61A5s would never end up with a Zaku kill, and few would end up with multiple kills.  They probably never need space for more than three...    :unsure:
2.  By some miracle, if a M61A5 did kill a Zaku, they probably would want to advertise it as a major accomplishment

For those interested, this guy is the platoon leader for first platoon, Charlie company. The barrel markings are something I kind of winged--they are asymmetrical to add a little visual interest, and there can be a good back story with them being different.

Today will be the sealing coat of Future, then start with the washes/filters early next week.  I hate when a model is in the ridiculous glossy stage--can't wait for the flat coats to go on!

Model In-Progress / Re: UC Hardgraph M61A5
« on: January 25, 2011, 07:31:44 PM »
Moving towards the end game.  All color coats are on, and the overlaying transparent effects do some funky things.

Next up, a coat or two of Future, decals, Future, then the washes/weathering.
Also began work on the tracks, which are vinyl.  The inside is primered gray, the exterior rust colored for the next colors.

Model In-Progress / Re: UC Hardgraph M61A5
« on: January 12, 2011, 05:19:45 PM »
The inevitable repairs have started.  Since this guy is over a year old, some damage has occurred from moving, dropping etc.

First, the left sponson top took one for the team when I dropped the hull onto a concrete went back together OK despite shattering, and primed up nicely.

This drop also broke off the rear drive wheel, but that was a simple brass rod/JB Weld/tons of epoxy putty fix.  Nothing pic worthy.
Now for some fun fixes.  One of the cable ties on the bottom of the armor skirt was partially busted.  I never liked these because they were kind of rectangular due to the molding process.  So, off with the old...

Then making a new loop from brass wire using a properly sized brush handle as a mandrel...

and then on with the new, dressed up with lead foil.  Did both sides because it was easy and does look better even if nobody will ever notice.

Now for some quickie priming, base color, camo colors, etc, and we're back in business!

Model In-Progress / Re: 1/5 Casca from Berserk; manga chick ^^
« on: January 11, 2011, 09:27:49 AM »
Given the skin tone, green eyes wouldn't make as much sense as what you have, which looks great!

Model In-Progress / Re: UC Hardgraph M61A5
« on: January 06, 2011, 12:52:56 PM »
A little more work done, with the IDF green on most of the hull.

Oh, by the way...a funny thing happened the other day.  When I was traveling for work alot, I used to pack this guy up and work on it.  To fit everything, I would often put the smaller pieces cut from the sprue into the hull before putting it in a crush proof box and into my luggage.  Well, parts invariably got misplaced.  One in particular--the second fold out step on the side skirt (you can see where it is missing above) got lost. 

I had some time to do the above painting, and while moving the hull, I dropped the box it was in.  After a cringe worthy moment, I picked it up to look it over.  Aside from the thin lead foil front fenders being bent up (good!), turning it over that dang little step fell out.  It obviously had gotten wedged somewhere out of sight in the hull, because I had looked for it there about a dozen times.  Including the commander's machine gun, the rear MG mount and this, I think all the parts I had lost now have been recovered.  Now I just gotta match the paint...

Model In-Progress / Re: 1/5 Casca from Berserk; manga chick ^^
« on: January 04, 2011, 10:11:11 AM »
Not to nitpick, but its the face flesh tone now too light for the exposed leg skin?  Or is that picture darker above?

Ehm... That's her boot ... :P

I was referring to the booty, not the boot!  In this picture, isn't there a small amount of bare leg and booty between the thigh high boots and the skirt?

It looks like it is the original fleshtone, not the new, lighter tone.  Or is it just because of the lighting/shadows that area looks darker?

Model In-Progress / Re: 1/5 Casca from Berserk; manga chick ^^
« on: January 03, 2011, 04:45:10 PM »
Very well done indeed.  Not to nitpick, but its the face flesh tone now too light for the exposed leg skin?  Or is that picture darker above?

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