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Title: 1/144th Aircraft carrier?
Post by: Vinny on October 12, 2006, 11:54:50 AM
I figured I'd ask this here and not the model help forum, since it's more of a question about if a model exists then a question on help building and painting a model.  If I'm wrong, please feel free to move this!
I got this idea for a diorama of having a GM fighting a Z-Gok or other marine type Mobile Suit on top of an aircraft carrier that's starting to go under.  But, I can't seem to find and 1/144th models of aircraft carriers.  Submarines, yes, but not of carriers.  Do any exist?
Title: 1/144th Aircraft carrier?
Post by: Artic Fox on October 12, 2006, 12:10:11 PM
they probably do exist, but probably cost an arm and a leg and are exetremely rare most likely
Title: 1/144th Aircraft carrier?
Post by: FichtenFoo on October 12, 2006, 01:35:08 PM
You do realize how large that would be right? A 1000 foot long carrier would be 6.97 feet long in 1/144 scale. This sounds like one of them "pipe dream" projects what will never happen.
Title: 1/144th Aircraft carrier?
Post by: tetsujin on October 12, 2006, 03:29:14 PM
Best bet, probably, is to make a big flat base, paint and detail it like a carrier deck, and tilt it...  You could even add aircraft, if you like.  Like FF said, the whole carrier would be too big...
Title: 1/144th Aircraft carrier?
Post by: zerobxu on October 12, 2006, 08:11:03 PM
Don't be afraid to make use of the tools available to you--both inside and outside this site. In a case like this, Google (, Froogle (, and eBay ( are going to quickly answer your question regarding whether or not such a kit exists. I did a Google on "aircraft carrier" 144--and several other related searches, and it looks like there's been a couple scratch-builds, but (as one would expect from the size of it) no commercial kit is available.

Even if you strongly suspect that someone around here will be able to answer a question in thirty seconds, you're going to get a lot more respect if you show that you're willing to do your own research. In this case, if you can't find a 1:144 aircraft carrier--after making use of all the tools available to you, then no one else will likely be able to find it, either.