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Title: cast iron look
Post by: qc on April 10, 2005, 10:37:34 AM
has anybody tried this technique?
(sorry if the link doesn't work....go to his making of 1/16 tamiya king tiger...turret section...8th pic down...his cupola)
its the feel/look of cast iron..
this fella has used thinned putty...i want this badly...but am afraid to try.
is it brushed on.....smeared on then roughed?
whats the process.
i went to michaels.....found this acrylic matte medium stucco texture (i found out that liquidtex makes all sorts of textured mediums: glass beads, fibers, lava rock!).  might try this stuff....would be sweet if i can think it enuf and spray it though a wide open airbrush.
thats the thing.
i wan't this rough look...but if i'm handbrushing it on...i'm still afraid it will get TOO clunky.
kinda hypocritical...i want something....random and messy look...but not too messy.
i know.
anyway...anybody got any feedback?

found more...go to his making of 1/35 tiger....sanding page.
shows him spreading it on...but that looks crazy....just...just seems like there very little control in that...and how do you do curved surfaces...both convex and concave?
Title: cast iron look
Post by: FichtenFoo on April 10, 2005, 10:45:13 AM
I'm doing a similar rough cast look with Mr. Surfacer 500 in the jar. You basically stipple it on until the brush is dry to get the effect. I'm doing it for my Krote. Whenever I get the remodeling done, I'll prime it and shoot some pics since it's my first time doing that. I suggest trying it on scrap like I did. :wink:
Title: cast iron look
Post by: qc on April 11, 2005, 04:37:27 AM
half a step ahead of ya.
i kinda did like he did...except:
i used a mcdonald's coffee stirrer.  nice broad paddle to spread it on...then once spread on i tapped (stipled with a paddle?) till i got some raised texture.  trick is to know when to stop...all of a sudden it starts to set up and the stippling starts getting sticky and makes hairs.  takes practice.  i tried it with surfacer 500 and 1000.  both textures are looking good...but wondering how appropriate they will be for 1/100 scale.  i'll try sanding them tonite.

i also tried the liquidtex stucco texture medium.  i was skeptical.  i paddled some on for one trial ...and then super thinned it down and spread it on for a second trial.  checked this morning.  i'm liking it.  i'm think'g i can thin it down enuf to spray...then with a some 400-600 grit sanding.  we'll have a winner.  i'll send some pics to ya FF and you can post them (if you like) alongside your own pix? (My site isn't as well organized as yours, hence I'd host myself).
Title: cast iron look
Post by: FichtenFoo on April 11, 2005, 08:41:56 AM
I primed my test part last night for the Mr. Surfacer technique and it looks really nice. I only used one coat so it's not a heavy texture. I think this texture would be great for 1/100 since it's not too much.

If you want to post some pics and a tutorial up that'd be awesome. Get a free account for the pics. They rock! Maybe if there is interest, I'll make a new forum (public viewable like the guestbook) for user-made tutorials, reviews, and articles. Then you guys can do the tutorials in the help section and once they're approved/ discussed a bit we can move them to the public view forum. How's that sound?
Title: cast iron look
Post by: Tazman3 on April 11, 2005, 09:10:04 AM
I thinned some Squadron putty with 91% alcohol (shocked me :shock: ) and it seemed to work great!  I got it really thin and layed it down with an old paintbrush cut to a fine point.  I tried smoothing it and it got tiny craters in it because it set so fast...but I just took some Mr. Surfacer 500 and it filled in those tiny craters just fine.  I'll take some pics tonight of the finished product...unfortunately I don't have any "in-putty" shots! :lol:

Also, qc, I was looking more into that site because I wanted to see the overview of assembling and painting an armor model....I've only done one in my life...I saw on this page...

If you click on step 3, and at the 6th and 7th photo he shows exactly how he got the "iron look"...pretty swift...and simple!  Man, I tried to find that "Mr. Dissolved Putty" everyone is out of stock..!  Except maybe for HLJ...