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Hi, I've been modeling for about maybe over six years now, I started with GW models, and those were all OB builds, but recently I started to really try to get a professional look on my models, I've been mostly handbrushing, but I wanna get into airbrrushing, I have an Aztex airbrush, and I was wondering, how do you thin enamels? Should I use a paint thinner, because I use an ethanol thinner to clean my brushes. Also, I was wondering, when you airbrush, do you mask the internals and spray the whole kit, or do you take it apart and do each piece on it's own, because I'm planning to add some mods that might make that hard. Sorry, if I sound like a total noob, but some of these tutorials seem kinda hard, or weird and hard to follow. I've been a HUGE fan of Fichten Foo since I first started modeling, and he is an inspiration to me. Well, I think that's it for now, oh, wait, one more thing, how do you apply a fractal pattern camo?

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