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September 19, 2006, 10:39:54 AM
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hi guys I have a sanding question that I want to ask. After I apply glue to the seam lines and sand it, putty and sand, Do we sand the whole leg or only sand along the putty lines?. I saw some references on a Aeroplane tutorial, and it seems like the person sand the whole wing before applying primer.Is it right the sand every single armour? or do we just sand the parts we need? thankx for reading

September 19, 2006, 11:21:32 AM
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I am guessing that the whole part was sanded down to give the primer a rough surface to sick to, if the surface is too smooth, then even primer will have trouble sticking to the surface.

But sanding down the whole part's surface is a option, don't over do it, or you may take off to much of the surface detail.

Personally, I would sand down the glued and filled seam first, then sand the whole part down.

You may have to re-sand and reprime if you missed any spots.
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September 19, 2006, 11:47:34 AM
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point-guard - I cannot see how your post is any different from this thread posted over one year ago. In fact, if you follow the forum rules of using the Search function and simply search "sand" in the Model Help* forum, you'll find 39 separate threads (not counting this one) which discuss the subject. The thread from a year ago was the first one I clicked on in the search results. It also happens to be a perfect match to the question you've just re-asked:
Quote from: "kenickie"
I'm building my first kit and was wondering when sanding do I sand the entire piece or just the part where I glued/ seams.

I know it says "First Time Posters: Read the Posting Guidelines, Modeling Tutorial, and Search before posting." Just because this isn't your first post doesn't mean those rules don't apply. Here's the exact rule in question from the Posting Guidelines:
Search BEFORE you post.[/color]
Seriously! It's in bold and red right by the model help link. Search the forum first, then google it. If you don't find your answer, then post either in an existing topic on the same subject or if one does not exist, then start a new one.

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September 19, 2006, 12:25:40 PM
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Just for all the other new users information, we're not trying to be rude here and unhelpful. However we do have guidelines in place for asking questions in appropriate stickied threads and such. These guidelines make it easier for people who actually use the search function or heaven forbid, read the stickies to find the information they're looking for. This keeps useful info in one place and makes searching less of a hassle. When people spam the help forum with tons of previously asked questions (mostly out of their own laziness to look up info on their own) it dilutes the search results and makes searchers look through more threads that may or may not be helpful.

For future reference: We're happy to help, but we expect you to do your own background work first. Sure, it's easier to ask your questions than to look up info on your own, but it puts a strain on the board resources and users. No lazy posters allowed. You'll learn more reading and searching. Things you may not have known and things that may be more helpful than you would had gotten by simply posting:

"How do I _______?"

You might as well post:

"I'm a lazy teenage piece of crap and don't feel like doing my own work. Please answer my easy question that I won't follow your response to since I'll end up not modeling a year from now anyway because of my laziness and short attention span. PS: I suck balls."

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