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Model Talk / Re: What's your holy grail
« on: April 22, 2010, 08:12:14 AM »
Either the 1/350 Space Battleship Yamato kit ( reasonable ) -- or a Jagd Mirage Twin Towers.. ( Scary ! )

Model Gallery / Astray Red Frame
« on: December 29, 2006, 07:59:41 AM »
I love this build-up -- if I had /one/ critique, I'd say I find the arrows are too short ;) If you look at it when you have it in the firing position the string is really only partially pulled ( obviously due to the flexibility of the sprue ), but if you imagine it pulling back all the way in order to fire the arrow 'head' would be behind the front of the bow -- just a minor quibble on an amazing kit :)

Concepts / Choosing Color Scheme Ideas
« on: December 01, 2006, 09:57:50 AM »
Adobe's answer to colour blender :

Its pretty darn slick looking ..

Model Talk / Gunpla Holy Land
« on: November 19, 2006, 11:43:11 AM »

Quite an interesting look at the home of all Gunpla.. I find it interesting ( and perhaps curious )  that they even sit around in gundam-like uniforms.. you'd never see that overseas here in North America. Nice to see people and companies can still have fun with their jobs..

Model In-Progress / 1/72 Geara Doga
« on: October 31, 2006, 08:42:39 PM »
Well its been about 5 months since I've worked on this, but I'm back to the table -- Working out the fixed pose I'm looking for in these shots -- the other alternatives are slinging the mega-cannon over its shoulder but I'm not convinced the parts will fit well that way .. that or I may head back to my original plan of firing the large cannon one handed while firing in another direction with the regular rifle.

I actually like this newest pose though, giving it some heavy weathering etc and making it appear like some nearly forgotten sentry. I will be doing a scenic base to go along with this -- possibly a winter one..

K is for Krazy Kustom Kampfer Kompetition / Kontest Sign-Up Sheet
« on: September 10, 2006, 01:34:27 PM »
Been a long time since I've visited here and what do I see but a comp for my favourite MS EVER .. count me in :)

Model In-Progress / Landing Eva-05 MP
« on: May 06, 2006, 07:04:19 AM »
Quote from: "fulcy"
Yeah - super glue mixed with baby/talcum powder - it makes the super glue thicker, but easier to sand.  Depending on the application, you can mix different ratios, and you'll either get a soupy mixture, which penetrates into gaps easier, and takes a little longer to cure, or a thicker mixture, for applying to larger surfaces.  Typical mix ratio is 1:1 - but be warned, it does set up very quickly, so have everything set up, mix it and apply - don't mix it, figure out where you want it, test fit things together, then try to apply it - it will have cured by then...

I actually stumbled on something years ago when doing small scale miniatures -- no idea if I read it somewhere or I just experimented and found it ( likely the former ;) ) -- instead of buying expensive CA accelerator ( which is great and does exist ) -- once you're done putting the glued pieces in place, sprinkle it with baking soda -- this seems to cause a reaction that provides more oxygen to the CA ( which is what causes its hardening ) -- always worked great for me when trying to get those annoying little bits to stay in place while drying -- it'd go from 5 minutes of annoyance to literally 10 seconds if it caught enough of the glue.

Model In-Progress / 1/72 Geara Doga
« on: May 04, 2006, 07:02:10 PM »
Oh yeah .. for security it will be locked down with some bolts -- according to the G-sys info it weighs 1.5kg in total -- not a light piece of resin to be sure. Still -- they save some weight in places -- pieces like the lower torso are hollow when they don't need to be.

I have some scrap pieces of acrylic I'm going to work a double-tiered base out of with a bit of an industrial look.

Model In-Progress / 1/72 Geara Doga
« on: May 04, 2006, 05:43:10 PM »
Update time!

Been a while and I've been a bit busy with other stuff -- so the kit's been waiting. I've finally started with the pinning ( I'm going fixed pose ) after deciding on a pose. My first time with something with so many joins but its going .. heh.

Colour is still purple but I just can't decide on the shade .. I'm not happy with what I've shot lately -- I tried recustomizing the colour a bit, but I think I'm going back with my original redder first shade.

Torso isn't posed yet -- unfortunately due to the location of several thrusters as well as the rear post on the skirt there really isn't any room for it to swivel -- I'll have to turn the head a bit to make the pose more dynamic.

The legs are close to what I'm going with .. left foot forward, MG held in the left hand, heavy cannon slung under and held with the right hand .. it'll take up alot of room but I think it'll look good

Model In-Progress / 1/72 Geara Doga
« on: April 22, 2006, 06:58:37 PM »
Got some paint on tonight -- well I did a bit the other night but I never posted it :

The helmet on the right was a test shot of plain Tamiya purple -- I wasn't pleased with it so I went with a mix that while darker is a bit more regal in my opinion, and I wanted something suitable for an 'ace' ;)

Ended up with a 50% / 50% mix of Tamiya red and purple -- it looks much brighter in person than the camera gives it -- I'm still struggling with dust and bumps though when I paint -- I need to work on that more.

I'll try and get some shots in daylight to light it properly when I can

Model In-Progress / 1/72 Geara Doga
« on: April 21, 2006, 05:43:56 PM »
Quote from: "fulcy"
Bling Bling - looks great!  I dunno if this would work, but maybe try cleaning the chain with some sort of tarnish remover - the stuff from those commercials that you dip tarnished silverware in, and in seconds the original shine is brought back - that might do the trick (though, test it on a small section, in case it doesn't! ).

Hmm that's a possibility or I was also thinking something along the lines of brasso and some good buffing -- the metal 'smells' right for a bit of polishing ;)

Model In-Progress / 1/72 Geara Doga
« on: April 21, 2006, 11:53:34 AM »
Quote from: "FichtenFoo"
I post-shaded on the Dom with purple mixed with a touch of black.

Cool -- I think I may go with some heavy preshading though -- I prefer how it blends more with the colour being laid down. I want to get it a bit darker than usual though since I can do a bit more intensity-wise at 1/72 than 1/100 can normally deal with.

In other news Fulcy's pieces arrived ! :)

The main part for this kit is the 4.1mm Mesh Chain -- eyeballing the smaller chain in the pic with the 1/100 Zaku and then just a bit of faith ( I don't believe in measuring at times ;) ) I figured this stuff would be perfect for the waist on the Geara, and thankfully it is :) This stuff would also be rather suitable on a PG Zaku or Gundam as I find the '1/72'  in this case is indeed a bit oversized -- closer to maybe 1/67-65 even -- I'll know more for sure once the kit is standing on its own and I can measure it.

Anyhow -- drilled out the mounting points and slid it in to test fit -- I forget which bit I used in Imperial measurements but I'll post it when I get home - it fits with perfect tightness. What's also really nice is the cable has a hollow core so I'll be able to fill that with a strong electrical wire to give it a more defined shape when I finally do attach it.

To carry it over I think I'll be using it in a few other places, such as the neck cables  you can see in on either side of the neck area in this picture -- its the perfect size I just need to drill out some mounting points for it :

I do want to try and brighten it up a bit -- may test a small portion with some silver or gold drybrushing to see how that works out.

Anyhow -- more soon ;)

Model In-Progress / SF3D/MaK Falke Scratchbuild
« on: April 17, 2006, 12:27:24 PM »
That thing is GORGEOUS -- the colours are perfect and the core parts are completely unrecognizable :)

Model In-Progress / 1/72 Geara Doga
« on: April 17, 2006, 11:32:18 AM »
Quote from: "FichtenFoo"
Yellow is complimentary to purple so it's PERFECT. What brand of paint do you use? Tamiya makes a fantastic bright purple color. It's gloss, but can be flattened with a little flat base. I used it on my Dom.

I actually have an old bottle of the Tamiya purple around from building an EVA-01 -- but I doubt I have enough to cover this beast. I'll be heading down to the hobby shop in the next few days to restock on it so I have enough to work with. I think I'll pretty much leave it out of the bottle -- no custom mix on this one .. I'd hate to run out mid-model ;)

Is the shading on your Dom's purple pre or post shading? and what colour did you use ?

Lately I've been working with Vallejo paints so its been a while since I've shot any Tamiya, but I'll take it slow and hopefully get it down well.

Model In-Progress / 1/72 Geara Doga
« on: April 17, 2006, 10:56:11 AM »
Quote from: "FichtenFoo"
2 and 5 look really nice but #4 is just awesome! The purple will really make this kit stand out and looks fantastic. 8)

You know -- I did the purple up because it was 'unique' but I felt it was a bit too bold -- but seeing as everyone likes it perhaps I was being too critical.

Guess its off to find a large enough supply of a purple approximating that shade heh .. I personally think the yellow is still a good compliment to it even though theoretically with that much red in it you should go a bit more green on the yellow -- afraid it'll start looking very EVA-01 then though ..

Model In-Progress / 1/72 Geara Doga
« on: April 16, 2006, 07:37:47 PM »
Quote from: "TheFallen"
Beautiful kit. What color scheme are you going to use?

very interesting head.....

Well for colours I'm not quite decided yet -- I need a primary colour and then I'll go with some complimentaries. I'm down to these six ( yeah I know .. alot still ) -- I'm partial to a two tone of 2 and 5 with some white trim -- might end up looking very much like the Kaite Madigan custom paintjob from SEED Astray that way though.

Other than those a two tone blue replicating the Rezin Schnyder scheme from Char's Counterattack is in the wings too -- but I think it may end up making the Geara look a bit too much like the lost brother of the Kämpfer that way.

Here are a few new shots from today's work -- mostly fitting and cleanup still :

The first official glued part ! -- decided for paint simplicity the middle bit here didn't need to remain seperate so its the official first attached part of the kit :

The torso propped up again -- added the shoulder joints - you can see the arms rubber-banded together below as well. This kit is definately starting to look like it'll be fixed pose for me -- I'm planning on a custom flying base :

The backpack -- the two giant holes are where the 'fuel tanks' will attach later -- I need to decide on a good angle to mount those on :

Overview of the warzone as it stands now -- you can see the legs banded together in the back -- this kit does suffer from a lack of polycaps -- if you /do/ want to make it fixed pose you definately need to get custom ones and insert ball joint rubber in locations such as the hips and ankles :

Looking good so far -- More once I get a chance to start on some customizations.

Model In-Progress / 1/72 Geara Doga
« on: April 15, 2006, 12:22:11 PM »
Well -- Here's my major project at the moment, a 1/72 Geara Doga from G-System. I'm a big fan of these bigger kits -- they just suit my clumsy hands better heh. This is just a dry fit of some torso parts -- I'm still in the cleanup process but I must say this is one of the smartest resins I've ever seen. Quite a few of the pour tabs are in locations that are hidden once the parts are put together; definately a fresh breath of air compared to the garbage you get in recasts at times.

I love the detail of the insets in the armpits -- they're also very smartly moulded seperately for painting simplicity:

The torso looks a little tiny compared to the lower half right now, but there is a large backpack awaiting priming and second cleanup:

I obviously have a bit more final sanding to do on the torso :

I'm waiting on some of Fulcy's parts to get going on the detailing here -- I really hate the 'springs' that G-System provides for the waist cables -- they're a huge weak point in the kit in my opinion. I'll be changing those with some of the cabling from Fulcy.

I also think I'll be modifying the giant gun somewhat ( or scratch building another ) to suit the look of the CCA era beam weapons -- more square in the barrel area etc ..

Model Talk / My Workshop (and yours)
« on: April 15, 2006, 11:20:10 AM »
The White parts of the Geara Doga ( correct ) are just what have their first shot of primer -- I'm still in the cleanup phase on that.

The thing in the jar in the back is a Regult Battle Pod sculpted by Captainamerica over on the macross world forums.

Yeah -- and the Swordfish is actually an old kit I started several years ago and decided to finish now. I'm going for a bit more of an actual 'racer' paintjob i.e. prior to Spike getting his hands on it.

AoZ Unlimited Competition! / GB2: AoZ Reference and Questions
« on: April 06, 2006, 10:02:02 AM »
Quote from: "ninjascience"
The MS in the bottom left corner is not the Gaplant sans-Fiver equipment.  It's the RX-272 Gundam Mk. III
theories from TTTArc and 4chan along with the original RX-272 lineart (see below) point to the Fiver being a bridge in the design evolution from the Gaplant to the RX-272.

Ah yes .. I see now -- sorry -- was late when I was posting and somehow I thought the two in the original pic were in fact the same suit --- shame on me :).

Well -- unfortunately as most of the AoZ material goes, the supposed predecessor looks meaner and better than what it supposedly inspired. The Fiver is a beauty -- and one can dream that some enterprising garage kitter will come up with a conversion for the 1/144 HG Gaplant. I would but its WELL beyond my ability ;)

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