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May 21, 2007, 02:57:49 PM
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Sci-Fi Grand Prix (SFGPX)

On you mark... Get Set... GO! The race is on and it's up to you to create the winning racer for your racing class. For this Group Build, participants will create a racing vehicle for a specific class of racing. The classes are as follows:

Class C: Cycles (Quads, Trikes, Motorcycles, and Monocycles)
Class G: Enclosed Ground Vehicles (Cars, Trucks, Tanks, etc...)
Class H: Anti-Gravity/Hover - Ground (includes podracers, Wipeout, etc...)
Class W: Watercraft (Boats, Jet Skis, Hydrofoils, Subs, etc...)
Class A: Aircraft (Fixed or Rotary Wing, Jets, AG, Turbines, Non space)
Class O: Orbital (Space Craft, any engine type)
Class X: Everything else

Guidelines: These will push you to create something new and to expand your existing modeling skill set. The focus is on creating something new so we'd like to see as much scratch building as possible. There's many threads in the help forum to guide you along.
  • No Gundam.
  • Non air/space racers must have a display base of track or pit.
  • If modifying an existing kit, it must be modified to make it a racer variant. Custom paint schemes/decals are NOT a modification. ;) Use styrene, putty, or kitbash.

*OOB will only be acceptable IF there is an existing sci-fi racing kit available.
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