Author Topic: Beargguy San, my first "commission"  (Read 3475 times)

May 16, 2015, 08:15:58 PM
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Hello again! This time I am tackling Beargguy San from the second season of Gundam Build Fighters: Try. Also this kit once completed will be for a friend so in a way it is my first "commission." Enough chit-chat and let's get this show on the road.

I wanted to do something different than what I usually do with my kits. So I decided to make a custom base for this particular kit. Settled on a star design.

I was not  sure how to draw a star. A friend of mine suggested that I get a shaped that I wanted and put a piece of transparent plastic on top and redraw the star on the plastic. I cut a circle of pla-plate and placed it on top of a star image I found on the net and used my scribing tool to replicate the design.

Her's the result.

A long long time ago I bought a giant sheet of styrene. From it I cut 3 circles of the same size as the one from the image above and glued them together to make my base.

I want the kit to be quite sturdy once on the base. I drilled holes under Beargguy's feet. Two holes per foot, in which I put small magnets I got from K&J Magnetics.

Put a drop of red paint on each magnet and then placed the kit on the base where I wanted it to be in order to create reference points.

I drilled holes in the plastic sheet for later when the base will be complete I will put the other set of magnets.

Standing test. Imo it looks awesome :razz:

I bought a can of tamiya purple spray can to color the outside of the star.

Masked it.

Colored the star itself with glossy black paint.

To finally top it off with tamiya gold, also in spray can. As you can see there are marks left behind by the masking tape. I repainted those 3 times and the masking tape would always leave marks.

To remedy the situation I cut the masking tape down to the sizes I wanted and put them on an old t-shirt I rarely wear. I left them there for maybe 10-20 mins before using them. The tape was less sticky and therefore made no mess.

I want the palms to be a different color so this is how I masked the hands. There is a groove already so it will be ideal for adding a panel line later.

The ears of Beargguy are quite nifty since they can more and turn in a lot of angles. Unfortunately it also increases the risk of scratching your paint as you can see here. I repainted them twice and even with a top coat the paint would get scratched off.

That's the yellow piece that goes under the ear, in the head. I figured shaving the end just a little bit would make the ears go down a little in head and thus not coming into contact with any surface. No contact = no scratching paint off for the third time!

The person to whom this kit will go to once completed prefers to not have the gaps on the head like the kit was originally designed. At this point the ears are painted and ready. So I painted the two pieces of the head as such.

I filled the connectors in the head with white glue to make it more sturdy.

The pieces were put together and I used tamiya extra thin cement to join them together.

The next part required some outside of the box thinking. I put some white tamiya putty to fill the gaps

Sanded the excess off very carefully with low grit sandpaper.

Applied some primer,

Made sure to not go over the ears.

Here's the final result!

A clean head with no gaps.

In order to paint the eyes, I decided to go with the same approach that is used to color panel lines. Applied a 50/50 mix of future floor acrylic and tamiya acrylic thinner to give the head a shiny appearance. 24 hours later, with a paintbrush I mixed a drop of enamel black paint with zippo fuel and gently tapped the brush in the eyes, letting the paint fill them entirely.

Simple but effective.

Here are the rest of the pieces painted and ready for assembly.

As I was trying to put the arm together the piece here would not go it. It was meant to be like that I guess to make the poses possible with Beargguy sturdy. I made the hole it is supposed to go in to slightly bigger with a drill and that was not a good idea. It became too big and the arm would not even stay in. I added from craxy glue on the ball to add mass to it and after 3 tries it was big enough to go in and stay there.

The kit is done at this point. I will upload the finished product in the gallery soon. Thanks for reading.
As always comments and suggestions are always welcome!

May 17, 2015, 01:04:27 AM
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Cool not seen this kit before, some tidy work blackito. Looking forward to seeing final pics :-)
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