Author Topic: Adrian Smith's Frankenstein by Industria Mechanika  (Read 7478 times)

August 15, 2012, 06:07:18 PM
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Will Vale

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Ever try the "horsehair foliage" from Silflor?
I think so - I have some stuff from Silhouette/Mininatur which has a kind of heavy strand with a leaf flake or sponge scatter on it - is that the same? You kind of tease it out into individual pieces. It's good but the stranded backing is a bit shiny and needs to be dealt with. I really like using it as an under-layer for shrubs and things, with flowers on top.

One other thing which is useful along those lines - you can get nice fine "leafy" stalks by dipping brush bristles or thin grass in matt medium, and then twirling them through short static grass.

Rosebay Willowherb/Fireweed

I really like the sapling, the little kinks in the sprue add hugely to it. Looking forward to seeing what comes next.

Now it's a 5' bush (after triming)!
We had a similar experience with a tiny Wattle tree in our back garden that grew to about 15 feet tall over maybe four years? I had to fell it eventually, it even made the proper noise :)


August 15, 2012, 08:17:22 PM
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  • Michael Fichtenmayer
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The horsehair is like a weird stringy mesh with leaf flake. Great for weeds.

I've done that before with the sprue and colored flake. Works great! (also not the first time I've made custom paper leaves. Ha!)