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Model In-Progress / 1:35 patlabor dio
« on: May 29, 2006, 08:59:04 AM »
I love Patlabor. Your diorama idea is going to be a cool one. I can't wait to see when you finish! 8)

My only advice would be to add more of a action pose to the labors. They seem too low key for your idea. If Griffon is getting the drop on the two Ingrams, he ought to be in a more assault stance. Arms bent and back, elbows in, hands out slightly. Show off those claws. His legs might be splayed out a bit more, and a deeper knee bend for his landing. Maybe even scrape one of the building with his leg.
The Ingram to the left ought to also have a weapon ready to bea, or reaching for it's weapon.
The Ingram to the right ought to have a deeper bend in his legs, and his left arm out and raised more.
The Hummvee is OK, but the scene is Patlabor, so a Special Control Vehicle might look better for the part. At the least, the Humvee needs JSDF markings. The figure standing by the Humvee does not add any emotion to the scene. He's just standing there.

The Huey in my opinion, might be a little too much.

Quote from: "fulcy"
Quote from: "FichtenFoo"
The Salamis is looking great. I'm so jealous as I really wanted to do a large Salamis as well. You beat me to it! :lol: You've seen this right:

You're talking about the sushi cart, right?

The basket, not the cart. 8)  :D

Thank you. There's no law stopping you from building one too. I'd love to see more capital ships. 8)

A friend actually showed me that picture on Starship Modeler after I had started mine. It is a gorgeous build. If I can get mine half as good, I'll be very happy. Any idea what scale that Salamis in? It looks too large for 1/400, and a tiny too small for 1/220? The MS in the pic throws me off, cause he looks 1/220. More importantly, are there any more pictures of it? 8)

Just a bump, I added a few more pics of my 1/400 Salamis in progress. I'm just getting to the superstructure, and have a good portion of the hull done, but there's still tons to do. I'm pleased with the look of the missile/torpedo tubes in the bow. I can't wait to get to the scribing and detailing...  

On a side note, my Musai hasn't been worked on. I did find bigger and cooler looking AA guns for her though.  



I thought some might like to see my slightly customized Musai, and start of a Salamis in 1/400. I'm at the point with the Musai, where I like what I have so far, but it seems to need more still. Any ideas that i might be missing?

And there's the bones of a 1/400 MS Igloo version Salamis (The 1/1700 Ex Salamis kit).


It's a start anyway... 8)

Assembly/Scratchbuilding / Mori Mori questions
« on: April 06, 2006, 02:08:47 AM »
I just got my first batch of Mori Mori. I like it. It's an excellent putty like Tamiya Polyester Putty.
 I would have sworn I've seen this putty being used in a consistency like silly putty in Hobby Japan. They had stuck it to a sprue, and added a blob of it and let it dry and carved out a hand. It was definately non-gooey. I'm pretty sure it was not an epoxy putty. It also looked to carve and sand easily. I don't think epoxys are as easy as polyester to carve/sand are they?
 The closest I could come to replicating this was only 2 ways. First to let it dry a bit, but this made wrinkles. Second to use talc  like a baker uses flour. I had better results this way, but the center needed more dry time on my experiment. I plan to try the talc again.

 Anyway, am I nuts about the silly putty consistency? Was that the Sube Sube or Doro Doro? What's the difference between the 3, and are the mix ratios the same for all of them?

I tried the super thick gloss/glass look on my Kampfer with straight Future. I did many light coats, and it looked sharp. BUT a day or so later, the future had literally cracked like a broken windshield. Long tiny silver cracks running in long random angles. I'm not sure what I might have done wrong, but I thought I'd warn you. Other than making it thick this one time, I had never had a problem with Future, so no panicking. 8)

Model In-Progress / 1/35 Kaempfer Head
« on: April 04, 2006, 03:39:28 PM »
That is looking quite sharp! I like the idea of the diorama idea of Cyclops Team unpacking it for assembley. 8)

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