What’s Going On Here?

As you can see I’ve updated and converted the entire website over to WordPress. This will make the site function and behave the way I’ve always wanted it to with integrated searching, categories based on tagged criteria, easy updating, and more! Thanks to ‘tags’ my completed model, gallery, and in-progress posts (if any) for that same kit can now all be viewed at once on the same page which is nice.

Not a huge change, but it’s what’s inside that counts.


While the overall graphic design hasn’t changed much, I simplified it and made it easier to read. I’m still working out a few kinks and such from the transfer, but nothing major. Mostly just paragraph formatting issues on the in-progress pages since I just copied and pasted the HTML into the post form. I just need to go and remove all the “hard returns” in the paragraphs, but with 100’s of pages to fix that can wait a bit. Heck, maybe I can find a plug-up to fix that! 😉

I’ve also added some items to the sidebar to improve browsing.  The Model News Feed is still there feeding from the forum. The Tag Cloud shows the most used tags associated with my posts. I find that part very interesting as the largest tags are the most frequently used.

Anyway, enjoy the new site! I’m still trying to decide whether to allow commenting on the posts. There’s already so much going on in the forum that I don’t know that it’s necessary at this point. Like I tell my girls when they ask for something I’m unsure of: “We’ll see”.

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