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A month or so ago I was at Home Depot and found that they carried Plasti Dip. The first and last time I used this stuff was in Middle School Metal Shop back in 1986 or so and remembered it being fun and easy and potentially useful so I picked some up as I had more than a few old tools needing new rubber coatings.

Turns out that the coating is much thinner than I remember. You’re supposed to dip, dry and repeat until satisfied, but the thinness of the first coat is definitely not bad. In fact it inspired me to start dipping a good many modeling tools. Not only does it make for a nice rubber grip for pin vises and exacto-handles, but for small tools like needle files or even wet-work tools it can improve the grip.

I even brushed a little on the tip of a pair of tweezers and it’s helped keep small metal parts from flying away!

I may actually go and dip my clay-tool handles in it for no other reason than to lengthen their life. They’re wooden handles so constant water will ruin them if not careful, but since you can slice this stuff off if you need to it’s a great way to really keep the dried/hardened clay from building up as it has on my dental tools despite my years of cleaning.

As far as modeling uses go, I’m told that the thinner will eat plastic so so much for my dreams of good rubber coated ball-joints! Who knows though… I may test it out as a way to make nice joint sleeve covers for Patlabors and MaK designs.

Anyway, enjoy some coated tool pics and pick some up if you’re so inclined. Excuse the dust on the tools, but I sat them on my VERY dusty desk after they cured and didn’t wipe them down before taking the picture.


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