The Hornethopter Photoetch!

I got a scan of my etch today from Paragrafix and wanted to share it. He’ll be bagging the sheets and sending them my way in a few days. Then all I’ll need are the resin casts and it’ll be ready for reservation payments and shipping. There’s still about 30 left unreserved so if you’re interested, fill out the form below to reserve a copy before they’re available. Thanks!

How To Reserve Your Copy / Preorder »

Fill out the following email form to reserve your copy (copies) of the Hornethopter. Please fill out all fields. I accept Paypal for payments. I’ll reply to let you know I got your email. Please add that address to your *NOT spam* filter so that when I send out payment request invoices they don’t get lost. (that was an issue with the fish-subs) I’ll send out a payment request when everything is boxed and ready to go. If you change your mind, please let me know so I can remove you from the list and move up the next people in line. Thanks!!!

Please click here to order from Industria Mechanika! Order now!

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