Completed » Tytonidae Tengu » 1/6 Scale Original Figure


Wings, wings, wings…. I mentioned in my “Fallen One” custom figure description how I’ve got a small obsession with them. This figure puts the wings on the arms as they are on birds and bats to create a unique weapon system. Combined with the creepieness of a barn owl shaped…

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Completed » Fight or Flight » Scout Trooper Diorama


I’ve been wanting to do a lush redwood forest scene ever since I acquired these Bandai 1/12 scale Scout Trooper w/ Speeder Bike kits. There’s so much detail that can be done and a well-done base can really sell the realism on a kit. The kit itself is pretty nice.…

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In Progress » The “Large Barge” » Cargo and Acrylic Madness

As you may know, I sculpt the model kit versions of Ian McQue’s airships for my model kit production company Industria Mechanika. For a while now I’ve wanted to do a large one-off showpiece as a backdrop for the smaller kits. Something to give a sense of scale and scenery…

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