For Sale » Mummified Egyptian Cats & Kittens


Purchase These Cats and Kittens on my Etsy Shop!   And now for something completely different. Usually my work is sci-fi and cyberpunk focused, but now and then I get the urge to so something different and see where it leads. I get to learn new techniques and see how…

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Completed » Clyde.A Autonomous Utilitor


Order the Clyde.A Full-Action 1:6 Robot Kit Exclusively at Industria Mechanika!   When I first started my company, Industria Mechanika, I fully expected to be making 6+ new kit designs a year on my own, by hand. That mindset didn’t last long thanks to collaborations and 3D printing and before…

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The Remora and Lillian G

Well, here they are…  my two build-ups of Ian McQue’s Remora. The red one will be shipped off to Ian in a few days where he’ll do the final rigging and the blue will most happily collect dust in my display case. Overall these were a LOT of fun, not…

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Completed » The Hornethopter

Here are the final images for the Hornethopter. It was a fun kit to design, build and paint and I hope the hundred of you that purchased one of the first edition releases enjoy building it up. Watch for the second edition to be on sale at Industria Mechanika.

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Completed » X-Wing and Y-Wing

Here’s a duo of 1/72 Fine Molds starfighters for the upcoming Death Star 2 diorama. Wedge’s Red 2 X-Wing and Gray Leader’s Y-Wing. These were painted just like the Millennium Falcon whichg is why there’s no how-to’s or in-progs. The markings were all painted on. The only decals I used…

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Completed » Rebel Blockade Runner [Tantive IV]

After some finishing touches, the Tantive IV is all done. As of now, this kit will be on display at Wonderfest in Kentucky this May (2011). If that changes, I’ll let you know. It’s also making a trip to the guy the commissioned it shortly after. So check it out…

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