Completed » Scarif Patrol » 1/12 Stormtrooper Diorama


Kind of in a Star Wars kick at the moment thanks to Rogue One looking so promising. I rather liked a few stills I initially saw of a platoon of Stormtroopers wading through shallow tropical ocean water and thought “that’d be interesting to make”. I already had a pair of…

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Completed » Fight or Flight » Scout Trooper Diorama


I’ve been wanting to do a lush redwood forest scene ever since I acquired these Bandai 1/12 scale Scout Trooper w/ Speeder Bike kits. There’s so much detail that can be done and a well-done base can really sell the realism on a kit. The kit itself is pretty nice.…

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Completed » 1/12 Chubu Mechatrobot

I’m not sure where I left off in the progress report, but this has been done for well over a month. About time to take some pics! This is just the robot for now. The rest of the diorama will be completed at a later date. Since this Chubu was…

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In Progress » 1/12 Chubu Mechatrobot » Rusted

Plugging right along. I got a nice big box of samples from AK-Interactive last week and started putting them to the test on this build. For this progress report I’ll focus on their streaking products, but I’ve tried some of their others since these pics were taken and REALLY like…

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In Progress » 1/12 Chubu Mechatrobot

Yes, yes… I’m all over the place. The Core Fighter is coming along, but I find myself going back and forth between projects more and more. (I’m also scratchbuilding a 1/20 scale diner with full interior, but see my facebook fan page for that info) The past few weeks I’ve…

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