Still at it…

Been a while since my last update and I’ve gotten a few emails asking what’s up and what I’m working on. Well, first I got sucked into Red Dead Redemption which was awesome.  I started the 1/48 AT-AT commission to go with the Snow Speeders, but the thing requires so much work that I’ll have to work on it more sporadically in order to not choke on the resin dust. (spent a week with a little trouble getting a full breath, probably related to it) I also did a secret sculpture (more on that later), went to the beach for a week, planned/executed a beach-themed birthday party for my 7 year old, went away for a long 4th of July Weekend, and… got back to modelling.

Working on a 1/100 Frame Arms Gourai which is almost done and have also started Alb-Lab’s cool 1/35 Markov Anti-gravity Racer which will have a great sponsor decal scheme. Mine! BTW, check out this great corporate logo download site: Really came in handy here! The decals should arrive from the printer sometime after this week.

So watch for more on these in the next week or so and thanks for watching!

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