Review » Paolo Parente’s Dust – BergeLuther


So I don’t usually gush about the latest releases on my blog, but I received something in the mail today that is definitely noteworthy. Last week I saw images from Wonderfest thanks to Lin.K at who posted them up on his blog. The Dust releases (by Paolo Parente) really caught my eye and for once I could order something from WF with ease! I especially loved the Axis BergeLuther which is a construction variant of the Axis Luther.


Today I recieved it and of course opened the box right up. Holy crap! Not onl were the resin parts in the most beautiful packaging I ever saw, but the parts are made like an injection plastic kit. Guide-pegs, thin casting, etc… best of all the casting seems flawless. I also love the gray resin as it’s much easier on the eyes to work with than the white or cream colored stuff.


This kit definitely gets an A+ from me for initial impression and packaging. I’ll certainly be building it sooner than later! You can order it from the Dust Game website.

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