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FichtenFoo’s Fantastical Fish-Shaped Submersible

Here’s the latest on the state of the First Edition production… I talked to the caster a few days ago and he’s just about done with the molds. In fact I should see some test casts next week if all goes well, then I will be able to calculate international shipping cost. I’ve already started collecting payments from the reserved USA orders since those will be shipped for the same USPS Flat Rate in the US. I’ll start collecting international money as soon as I can calculate shipping. Only send payments if you have received my emailed instructions to do so via email. I’m sending them to the same email addresses you ordered with so check spam if you haven’t gotten it.

I also received an image of the final PE fret today. There’s a small error on my logo, but aside from that it looks perfect! Here’s the pic! Click to zoom in.

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