Pixie Puff

Went to the Washington County Humane Society today and got a new addition to our family. Pixie Puff! A little 10 week old calico kitten. Very cute and playful. Riley and Lanie love her already, but Pixie’s not to sure about Lanie just yet. “kiddy…” whap whap wahp. The whapping is supposed to be petting however but Lanie is a little heavy handed at the moment.

The other two cats haven’t noticed the new arrival yet. Peepers will be delighted as she needs/misses a friend since Priscilla died and Zoey hates all.

Here’s the new arrival:



EDIT: Here’s a few more… this is after Pixie spending an hour sleeping under my chin on the couch. A full bladder later and I handed the sleepy thing off to Riley.



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