MGX4 Challenge

mgx41So I have proposed an interesting challenge for myself and perhaps one of you would like to try it as well. I am attempting to complete four modern Master Grade kits by sometime in April. (partially to reduce the footprint on my shelves) The kits I hope to complete are the following:

Chars Zaku 2.0
Victory Gundam ver Ka
Astray Blue Frame 2nd Revise

The GN-X is on its way, but the other 3 are all cut out and sanded and it’s only taken me 5 days to do so. These first 3 kits surprisingly have no seams to be glued which is amazing. There’s just some flash lines, very minor, on some of the weapon barrels to be dealt with. These kits are so easy that it’s almost painful based on some of the other stuff I’ve been building.

All of these kits will have some sort of customization to the color schemes and will have minor add-ons like aluminum bells for the Zaku and lights for the GN-X drive. I may do one more if I have time.

Anyone want to try and match or beat that? Click here to join in on the challenge!

Deadline of 4/30/2010

Personally, I hope to be done by 4/1, but am being realistic.

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