Kallamity/Industria Mechanika’s 1/35 Kastor Hovertank

I got my sample of the Industria Mechanika / Kallamity Kastor Hovertank a few weeks ago and have been slowly working on it. Not for a lack of interest, but a total lack of available time. I’ve been insanely busy since starting Industria Mechanika so I don’t get to model as much as I’d like these days. But this thing is really cool and fun to work on. Luca did a great job on the master and everything goes together nicely. The kit comes with a sheet of PE which has a LOT of fantastic details.

After cleaning the parts, I started off with a coat of green Duplicolor Self-Etching primer. I followed that with a coat of the red-orange sandable primer.

After that cured I applied several random coats of various grays and rust tones. This was the base-coat for the hairspray technique layers. After that cured I gave it a gloss coat of Future and then a coat of hairspray.

Over the hairspray I applied a random coat of blues, bright greens and dull teals. This layer was chipped away heavily and is only to give the final cpaint layer which will be a khaki drab the look of being repainted over an older blue paint-job. The heavy chipping will allow mostly rust to show through on the next layer overcoat. I’ll post pics of that once done.

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