Kallamity/Industria Mechanika’s 1/35 Kastor Hovertank » Top Coat, Decals

Over the blue and chips I applied another satin coat of FFA, then more hairspray. Over the hairspray I sprayed on several layers of khakis and drabs and then masked and painted the stripes. Oncedone I immediately set to chipping with a stiff wet brush.

The resulting chips are not only rust toned, but blues and brighter greens chips appear giving the craft a much more worn and reused appearance.

Once that was done I gloss-coated it all with Future (FFA) and then applied decals. The kit does not come with decals, but I have LOTS of spares (as most of us do) from aircraft, tanks, gundams, etc… Once the decals were done I applied a flat coat. Next I’ll hand-paint the mall details, add more chips via a sponge to the delicate parts such as the PE hooks, then start weathering!

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