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Decals applied over a gloss coat. Then a satin coat of FFA applied along with a filter of yellow-tan oil paint.


Metal: First I applied a satin coat FFA over what I had done in the prior update. Next, when cured I airbrushed on AK-Interactive washes: Dark Brown and Track Wash thinned with odorless turpenoid. I then mottled this with a turpenoid-dampened sponge to make it look greasy and grimey. I then drybrushed silver Run-n-Buff onto the raised detail edges. Another satin coat of FFA after about 8 hours of air-drying to set it before the next step: heat-tarnished effects with purple and blue oil paint glazes. Drybrush some gold Rub-N-Buff over that to give it that warm burned metal look. (looks better in person than pics due to the iridescence) Then buff on (with a finger) some Uschi Steel-Type powder on the underside’s metal “frame” to make it look less grimy than the pipe areas.


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