In Progress » Type 100 Hyakushiki ‘Afterburner’

6.8.2003 » afterburner

So I decided on starting my MG Hyaku-shiki next. Last
night I stripped all of the chrome and now I’m deciding on a color
scheme. The decals are already done. This kit will be called “afterburner”.
Anyway, here are some initial color schemes and my Type 100 decals.
I’m almost definitaly going with the blue/gold-flame look. I wanted
to do a flashy, sporty, “muscle/ricer” car look with this

6.26.2003 » slow burn

This is taking a while. Lots of baby stuff to be done.
Here are a few progress images of my pre-coloring. These will be
for the flames. I’ll mask them off later when I apply another color.

6.28.2003 » gray on gray action

Here’s a shot of the backpack so far. It is 2 tones
of gray. I also finished all of the parts which require a massive
dose of these 2 gray colors.

7.12.2003 » big flamer

After a brief hiatus due to the birth of my daughter,
I’m back to the modeling. Here are some in progs for my flames.

7.12.2003 » i got the blues

More Progress today!

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