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After priming the Tantive IV yesterday, I was able to start painting today. I started off by preshading with a dark gray over all the panel lines and inside of detail areas. Next I sprayed a solid white + a touch of gray mix over that. The preshade barely shows through in the end, but that’s what it’s supposed to do… just be a subtle shade in areas to add more depth to the overall paint.

Once that dried for a bit I began masking off small sections which needed red paint based on the reference photos. I would mask a few areas, sponge on some liquid mask, then spray the red. I’d then remove the masks revealing the chips and move onto the next areas. This took some time, but is done. Tomorrow I’ll do the same for areas needing darker gray panels. Lighter panels will be shaded with oils later on.

Now the red areas look to have excessive chips… for now. This will all be blended in and adjusted later on with oils.

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