In Progress » Panzerkampfwandern 38(x) » Concept and Beginning

38x-patch-icon1Now that the KV-2X is available I figured it was time to start my next  X-Series walking tank. (‘X’ for the shape the 4 legs makes from above) This time it’s a German model based on the German Panzer Kpfw.38(t) Ausf. G. This will be somewhat smaller than the KV-2X, but be full of detail. I decided to do the 38 because of the many riveted details on the surface. I thought that would make for an interesting piece. Plus it’s small size is fun as well. I can imagine a swarm of these things overunning the countryside.

Here’s the initial in-progs. I’m trying to improve upon the KV legs by adding a vertical swivel where it connects to the chassis to give it one more angle of articulation. I’m also using one less set of workable pistons per leg, although there remains additional piston detail under the main leg armor segments. I’m also trying to make this look more German-styled as opposed to the very general look of the KV. So far it’s just the main shapes, but soon I’ll be adding detail to the surfaces.

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