In Progress » Markov Racer » Painting Part 1

Markov progress continues with paint and primer. I initially primed all of the parts in Duplicolor Self-Etching primer in order to bite into the resin better than normal primer. Then I buffed that with some very fine steel wool. Once nice and smooth I applied a Mr. Retarder’d layer of Mr. Surfacer 1000 for a fine smooth finish.

Once that was cured I sprayed all of the areas and parts that would be red, orange or yellow with white Tamiya as a base coat. That was followed up with the bright colors. and a thin layer of Future (FFA) to help seal it for masking. I painted the interior first with Neutral gray then weathered a bit and applied red, white and green to the lights. An ejection bar system was made from brass rod and extra PE panels were added for more interior detail..

Again, let it cure then mask for more paint. The next color was a khaki-like color to match my website and another coat of FFA. Once cured I applied masking tape squares and triangles to mask for the black fractal pattern also seen on this website.  I painted the black and applied another coat of FFA. Next I’ll paint the black around the outside of the cockpit hull and the canopy along with some metal parts.

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