In Progress » Kampfer: Zeon Special Forces [Black Ops Unit 6]

07.19.2006 » Concepts / Intro

I kinda wish Gundam would get big then die again in the US so
I could pick up more super cheap Master Grade kits from
This Kampfer is one of my stash of kits I got during the now
legendary sale.

This Kampfer is from the Zeon Special Forces
[Black Ops Unit 6]. This unit specializes in attacking fortifications
deep in enemy territory where most sane soldiers would dare
not. They usually utilize suits that are either stealthy like
the Z’Gok, or fast like the Kampfer.
This particular Kampfer will be outfitted for taking out the
larger command ships in a fleet of Earth Federation vessels.

Build-wise, I’ll be doing more of my “heavy-metal”
style modifications using Alclad 2 Lacquers and brass/aluminum
tubing. I’ll also be adding my usual array of MechaSkunk
option parts such as balls, beads, and screws. The color scheme
will be a very dark gray camo with a flat-coat and all-black
decals, even warnings. This will make the natural metal parts
really pop. While not a totally stealthy look, it’ll be total
eye-candy when done which I love.

07.19.2006 » I got Shotgun!

So far I’ve just been cutting and sanding the
Kampfer while planning out modifications, so there’s not a
whole lot to show off. I did however start modifying the shotgun.
I’m replacing all the “barrels” with aluminum tubing.
I’ve even hollowed out the “pump” so that it actually
slides back and forth along the shaft. Here’s a pic:

07.21.2006 » It’s all MINES!

Since the Kampfer has no holder for its mines,
I decided to create one. This 1/2 circle rack was something
I had planned for a while, but later found pics from hobby
mags where other modelers had made racks similar to my plan,
but much better. So the following is based on those. My Kampfer
will sport 2 of these racks stocked with 12 mines each. The
K comes with 13 mines, but that’s an odd number for the rack.
Plus 6 makes a very nice 1/2 circle. Here’s a pic of it slapped
together so far. I have a lot of clean-up to do.

07.22.2006 » More Mine Rack

Here’s more shots of the mine rack for the Kampfer.

10.31.2006 » Shotgun!

Here’s a shot of the shotgun progress. I’ll
be adding some extras to them of course likie a shell rack
and scope. I also have add a shot of my woven tube replacement,
a very thick spring from a decorative plate wall-hanger.

11.04.2006 » Screws and Kart

I started on the Kampfer Kart even though I’m
waiting on some parts. I was playing around with making something
that the Kampfer would stand on to ride, but am not 100% sold
on that idea yet. I’ve also been playing around with ideas
to make these large propellent tanks/thrusters a backpack.
Same puropse though… it would just mount to the back on
the bazooka mount polycaps and be easily removable/ejectable
once the Kampfer reaches its destination. Regardless of which
route I go the tanks will stay the same. There will be to
tanks with bells on the the ends with an armored cover over
both. The armored cover was actually a paint to do. To get
the right shape I wanted I needed to first make the shape
from brass sheet, then cover it with thin sheets of styrene
to make it sandable and workable. Here’s some pics:

Also I drilled out most of the holes for the
screws I’ll be using. Here’s a shot of them.

11.05.2006 » Kampfer Kart

Here’s a few shots of the bare-bones Kampfer
kart. I adjusted my plans a bit based on a lack of spare Ball
Stands, but nothing major. Below you can see it with and without
the armored covers. The covers will be removable and have
hard-points for the mine-racks and bazookas. I may even make
them workable as removable shields too. There will be smaller
Co2 tanks underneath as well on the ends closest to the large
tanks. The center underneath will have some various boxes
and missile launchers from the MG Guncannon. Like I said,
this is barebones, but will look much much cooler when detailed.
The bells will be detailed like the booster image below. The
Kampfer Kart is meant to be a cheap disposable unit. A one-way
trip so to speak so it doesn’t need a lot of armor and such.
So the simple design works well.

11.08.2006 » Kampfer Kart Part

Here’s another shot of the Kart. Sorry for the
vertigo… I rotated the image so that the kart is right side
up. There will be many more tubes, wires, bells, etc added
later. The small tanks are from Walmart. I emptied the Co2
from the so they would be “safer” to work with.

09.14.2007» Been a while…

Here’s the Kampfer parts with some paint on.
Love how the black decals look low-vis. Right now I’m in the
process of finishing this up… adding screws, steel balls,
thrusters, etc. I decided to skip the Kart for now, but have
it set aside for a later project. The biggest reason was that
I’d need to create more Kampfer decals for it. But I’ll probably
use it with a Zaku 2.0 or something of the like. Definitely
Zeon! You can also see the mine rack is painted and in the
process of having the mines and cables added to it. Expect
pics of this finished kit early next week.

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