In Progress » HH-1N ‘Abandon Chute’


I’ve been planning this build for quite a while now, but needed some motivation and additional reference and parts to begin. I can’t remember why I decided that I wanted to build this exact Huey. I think I was actually looking for Cobra decals and stumbled upon the Fireball Models website where I began looking at all their 1/35 scale decal offerings. This scheme and design really stood out and looked like it’d be fun to build.


The decals are alps printed and look very nicely done. There’s enough decals that I could do several copters and still have a lot of nice markings leftover for other stuff. Plus it came with some very nice color-printed decal and color/marking guides. I’m planning to do the Navy NAS FALLON version from the sheets.

Now before I get the inevitable “that’s wrong” or “that was never used in that particular helo”, or “there’s 182 rivets on that panel, not 123 and you suck for not having fixed that” comments, I should say that this is my first ‘real’ aircraft build and don’t expect it to be 100% accurate. Frankly that sort of stuff doesn’t interest me as I really want something that looks cool. If it happens to look close to correct in the process, well all the better! If I’m not having fun doing this then it’s not worth doing, right?

Back to the kit, this is the Dragon/Panda 1/35 scale UH-1N Gunship kit. It’s a rerelease of the old Panda kit with added detail and 2 sheets of PE, one prepainted for consoles and seatbelts. I’m working on the interior first so havent even worried too much about the exterior. I plan to have the side doors open so there’s a good but of detailing that needs to be done.



^ First Aid packs on floor will later be hung on interior walls. ^



Looking through my refs, these SAR copters are chock-full of stowage goodies. Bags, coolers, hoist, First Aid packs and kits, etc… I’ve sculpted a lot of packs using Aves Apoxie Sculpt and others are from various 1/35 armor kits. A few are from the 1/35 Gundam kits, but shhh! I won’t tell if you don’t. The hoist was ‘borrowed’ from my Acaremy/MRC 1/35 MH-60G Pavehawk kit. I was going to use the hoist from the UH-1D HEER kit, but it’s awful. The pack suspended from the roof is also Aves and lead foil and I use my Wire Wrapping tool to make the headset cords to be hanging from the roof as well.



I also have been using some PE parts from the Eduard UH-1C interior set. Again, probably incorrect, but it helps me fill in details like the sidewalls and door panels. Stuff that isn’t really all that noticible, but makes it more visually interesting by having added it.

Anyway, that’s all for now. More on this once I start priming and painting. The interior needs to be completed first so that I can glue the exterior halves together and detail/mask/paint them after.

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