In Progress » Gundam G3: Hexed

5.1.2003 » ka-boom

While my Dom is on hold, I figured I’d get started
on my MG RX-78-2 Version Ka. I’m custom painting and decaling this
kit to be the RX-78-3 G3 Gundam. Should be fun. I’m going to do
a hexagonal fractal pattern on parts of the kit. It looks nice on
the lineart and should look nice on the finished kit provided that
I don’t overdo it.

While colorizing the lineart for the G3, I figured
I’d color-me-up some of the other RX-78 series. Now I want to order
4 more of this kit and go to town painting all the RX-78 variations
I can muster up. Maybe make a “Project V” Hangar Diorama.
I even did a FichtenFoo custom colorscheme, just for me. :-)

For now, just sit back and enjoy all 5 of my potential
kit colorizations while I start cutting parts from their trees.

5.3.2003 » template

I jumped the gun a bit and cut out my hexagons out
of masking tape. After much pondering and a few hair-brained ideas
on how to get it to work, I had an idea for making tons of hexes
at once!

I made a template and printed it out. The actual template
is a full 8.5 x 11 sheet. Then I taped the template over the masking
tape. By making a few cuts along the lines in the graphic, I got
lots of tiny hexes all the same size and shape. I think I managed
to cut out about a hundred of hexes in half an hour.

Meanwhile I’m still cutting and sanding parts.

5.9.2003 » a hex on you!

I’m in a good mood. Despite being really ill this
week and having lamaze classes to boot 3 nights this week, I actually
got to work on my G3 this evening. Played some Shinobi too! Anywho,
I started the hexes and they’re looking very nice so far. I figured
that I’d test out the dark hexes first, then if all went well, move
onto the multitude of lighter hexes.

Here’s some images of the progress. The first is of
the tape cut-out into hexes. The second is the dark gray hexes.

5.10.2003 » foo speed ahead

I am flying through the painting on this kit. In the
past few days I have painted the following:

  • White Hi-lite parts
  • Orange Parts
  • Internal Parts
  • Dark Gray Parts
  • Medium gray parts
  • Hexes on Dark Gray and Med Parts

Whew! Here’s a pic of the shield. Next up: Light gray
hexed parts!

5.17.2003 » decal time

All of my parts for the G3 are painted and are now
awaiting decals. I’ll be decaling my Dom and my G3 simultaneously.
Just because they are both at that stage and I’ll save time by spraying
both kits at once. Speaking of spraying, check out the pics below
while the ‘Future’ dries.

6.1.2003 » decal time

The G3 Ka is done.

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