In Progress » Fat SAFS

10.14.2005 » Concepts
& Initial Build

the past year I’ve seen several SAFS customized
to be “Fat”. variations. I suppose the
occupant is overweight, but the added bulk could
be for some other purpose. I just thought it looked
pretty cool and since there’s no conversion kit
that I can find I’m making my own. I have a diorama
idea planned for this, but for now, that will
be a surprise. It’s gonna be humerous and I think
it’ll be funnier if I don’t give it all away at
once. There will be clues however so pay attention.
Here’s my references for the build:

So first things first, onto the
build. I started out by building the body of the
normal 1/20 scale Nitto SAFS. Next I took a plastic
Easter Egg and cut a portion of it off so that
it would fit onto the body. I filled the egg with
Bondo and held it to the body till cured. I mixed
it ‘hot’ so that took about 5 minutes. After that
I began adding bulk with Magic Sculpt, Aves Apoxy
Sculpt and more Bondo.

After all the bulk was added I used
my dremel to rough sand it and hollow it out better
and then rough sandpaper to clean up the dremeling.
Here’s some shots of it after some dark gray duplicolor
primer has been applied. I have a lot of air-holes
to fill from the bondo and this lets me see everywhere
I need to add/take away putty to make it nice
and smooth.

10.20.2005 » Almost
Done With The Body Mods

I’m just about done with the body
mod. Actually, I have been for days but haven’t
had a chance to do the next-to-the-last primer
coat to check for errors. I just need to fill
a few pin-holes that were formed when mixing the
bondo and a few minor divets and I’m all done
building the body. Here’s some pics. You can see
that the underside is pretty hollow to allow for
the legs. I even made an indentation for where
to add the back armor flap if desired.

So I woulda called it german for
Lard Ass, but that translates to Schweinefettesel
which when translated back to english says Pig
fat Donkey

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