In Progress » AH-1W Cobra w/ Anti-Gravity Upgrade

10.10.2006 » Concepts / Intro

I had wanted to do an Academy/MRC
1/35 AH-1W Cobra as a practice project for eventually
doing a 1/35 Hind from Trumpeter. So I ordered
the Cobra and a Verlinden update set for it through
the IPMS chapter “store”. Well the sci-fi
bug bit me of course so instead of doing it “realistic”
as I originally intended, I decided to do it with
an anti-gravity unit instead of the props. I’ll
be making a futuristic diorama of sorts from this
with a bunch of various figures modified to look
like a heavily armed assault force. Color-wise
I’ve been considering painting this in light grays,
greens and tans in a frozen grassland setting.

10.10.2006 » First Images

Here’s a few images of the Anti-Gravity
Pod (AGP) and where it would sit above the chopper.
It was made from Styrene tubes with thin sheet
covering them to get an upside down and rounded
teardrop shape. The rounded ends are sanded down
Bondo Premium Automotive Filler Putty. Currently
I’m doing clean-up and scribing panel lines to
match the Cobra. I need to either figure out really
small raised rivets or just drill small holes.

10.10.2006 » Inspiration

DOH! I was in such a hurry to post up the in-prog
pice that I forgot to post up my inspiration. I actually didn’t
look at these images for months so I forgot how big their
“booms” were on top of the craft. I’m more than
happy with the size of my boom. (heh) But here’s some pics.

10.12.2006 » Mount and Rivets

The thing I hate about scratch-building is that
you spend so much time on the same parts that it feels like
you’re not accomplishing much. But the progress is coming
along. The AG Pod is almost done with just a little clean-up
on the ends needed. I’ve nearly finished the mount between
the Cobra and the AGP. I used M10 tank parts coupled with
various leftover Gundam bits. This unit attaches to the AGP
via 2 pins and 2 screws and when done this will be epoxied
to the AGP. The lower portion of the mount is a wood-screw
which has been epoxied on. This will screw (with epoxy)into
some wood that will be secured inside the Cobra hull. I want
to make sure that once this thing is on, it STAYS on. I still
have a little detail to add.

I also started on the thousands of rivets needed
to make the AGP match the Cobra hull. I decided to use the
contents of an old Britta water filter for rivets. The contents
consist of charcoal bits mixed with bazillions of tiny plastic
spheres. Perfect for small rivets! Basically you drill teeny
holes and insert the balls into them. Then add a drop of liquid
glue to each to secure. See pics below. I also added Chaff
dispensors (those “holes” on the rear of the AGP.)
and mounts for the beacon lights made from Kotobukiya small
round vernier. The blue arrows are for my reference and show
an “oops”. I pushed too hard with the pin vice and
punched a gouge in the AGP hull. I’ll cover it with a detail
panel later. Stupid blue marker seeps through the primer,
but thankfully not paint.

10.16.2006 » Rivets are DONE!

This past Saturday my local IPMS had a modeling
retreat where we all got together and worked on models. Much
fun has had by all. Even me who toiled away adding rivets
to my AG pod. They’re done though and look great! I also decided
to use parts of the engine booms and cut-stubs of the wings
of a 1/48 scale P-38 for bulking out the sides of this craft.
Since they’re already riveted, not much extra work needs done
with more rivets. YAY! Here’s a brief pic before gluing everything

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