In Progress » 1/20 Edmontosaurus

Here’s the start of my non-entry into the FichtenFoo Forums “Creature Feature” contest. I’ve been considering trying a dinosaur kit ever since I happened upon a copy of Amazing Figure Modeler Issue #31 which happened to have dinos as the theme of the month. The work was pretty inspirational, but for whatever reason I never got around to doing one… until now! Well… soon anyway. See I’m waiting on my kit to arrive, but as soon as it gets here I’ll post some shots of it and get the ball rolling.

In the meantime here’s some color schemes I’ve been working on for the beastie based on some illustration I found online. A mummified fossil of this particular dinosaur, the Edmontosaurus, was discovered and scientists believe that it had stripes based on the variations in the scale pattern similar to those found in modern reptiles. Using that knowledge and what I read about modern reptile coloring, Google image searches on lizard patterns, and how other modelers and scientists believe those same colorations (lighter undersides, darker top, avian color patches for displays, etc…) would probably apply to dinos, plus my own imagination, I worked up the following.

1 2

3 4

5 6

I’m leaning towards either 1, 3, or 5. Probably a mix somewhere between 1 and 5. Number 4 would be the “safe” one and 2 was fun. Six is blue… just because it could also be. I found plenty of blue-tailed/bellied reptile pics.  think 1 and 5 have a good feel though and love the reddish tail of #1.

The kit I’m building is the one from Rader Studios. It seems like a good one to start with. Simple sleek shape, detailed in resin as opposed to IP, and compared to others… not overly ginormous. This one is apparently 6″ high by 15″ long. More soon! Gotta finish up a MG GN-X first.

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