In Progress » ‘Futuristic’ Prototype 01 Vincent » Paint Chips

I’ve been working on painting up Vincent the past few days inbetween getting things ready for my youngest daughters 4th birthday party tomorrow. (check out the cake I made her today!) I started Vinnie the same way as the signs with a base-coat of Color Place flat black and rust, hairspray, then paint.

To keep with the decayed, retro  50’s look, I painted Vincent turquoise and white with chrome trim. So far I’ve only painted the chrome on the white and solid chrome parts, but tomorrow night I hope to mask and paint the chrome for the blue.

The chrome is Alclad II chrome over a Mr. Color gloss black base. Later I’ll chip and rust-speckle the chrome and make it look just plain awful. I just hope I didn’t start with too shiny a chrome. I might have been better starting with an aluminum metal or Mr. Color Super Silver, but we’ll see.  Experimentation is half the fun!

The chrome isn’t the most polished smooth chrome I could do, but I figured with the amount of damage I plan to do it it, it won’t matter in the end. Originally I had the torso tubes all white with the chrome trim, but it didn’t look right. Adding the two blue rings (top and bottom) really ties the blue-top, white-bottom scheme together. Vincents huge shoulders will be nasty chrome as well… eventually.

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