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Continuing on with the sign and weathering, I applied some oil paint discoloration to the sign. Blues, rusts and light dirt colors were applied to the blue circles while reds, pinks, light dirt and rust were applied to the red circles. These dabs of oil paint were then blended in with a brush wet with odorless Turpenoid. I started to apply some Mig Filters to the pole, but quickly discovered that the thinner in the filters attacks the spray paint primer underneath viciously. The Turpenoid is fine however. The letters were attached and neon glass tubes were made from bent steel wire, painted with a gloss white spraypaint then yellowed with Tamiya Clears.

I applied some mold/mildew stains to the base of the white painted block retaining wall with oil paint. The small electrical outlet was made from styrene shapes, rods, and strips. I added the marquee sign plug to the outlet already, but have not attached the wire yet. I did however make a chain and padlock that will wrap around the maquee sign leg and motel sign to keep it from being stolen. Weeds will be added in and around the wall and in the pavement cracks soon. The little loose rocks are talus and ballast.

The marquee sign is almost done. All I have left to do is attach the electrical wire from the outlet to the underside of the sign and dist it up a little more. Oh… I forgot that I need to get some small bearings and paint them up for lightbulbs as well. For the sign letters, I laid out a sheet of letters and took them to FedEX Office to be printed on transparency film. I hit the letters with my soda blaster (air eraser) to dull the gloss and weather them a bit, then cut them out and fit them in the grooves. I decided to make it more fun and real by mismatching letters. I’ve only one side of the sign filled in so far.

More to come…

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