Completed » Griffon Sport


Story »

Foo City Billionaire Industrilist G. William Hickers recently purchased a sports modified Griffon Flight Type from Schaft Enterprises.

About the Build »

This is the Master Grade Griffon Flight Type from Bandai. I’ve looked everywhere and have yet to see a Griffon painted in any color but black. It’s sad because that totally obscures all of the little details that this kit has.

I decided to make this a sports car type model. I went for the typical candy red and chrome look. For the metallic red, I first painted the kit with Tamiya Flat Copper, then about 3 coats of Tamiya Clear Red over that. It was already pretty glossy, but I gave it a few coats of Future to really make it shine.

The visor of the kit was molded in clear red. I was going to replace it, but someone had given me some extra chrome window film which I applied to the visor to make it mirrored. There aren’t as many decals as I would put onto a Gundam kit. I thought tons of warnings and maintenance marks would make it look more military and less sporty. When was the last time you saw a Ferrari with caution stickers?

Base »

The base was made using a finished wooden plaque, baking soda/cornstarch clay, ballast cement for the sand, Woodland Scenics Tall Grass, and paint. The fence was made using balsa wood strips stained with acrylics paint then threaded together with thread and elmers glue.

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