Completed » Cloud 09 Powered GM


Story »

The enemy is located in a remote region. An assault squadron is needed to infiltrate their position and eliminate any resistance from within. How can ground type mobile suits get past tight defenses to strike at the enemy’s heart? The Cloud 09 Aerial Assault Drop Squadron was deployed for just such a purpose. Dropped from very high altitudes from large transport aircraft, these Powered GMs utilize a 1.11G Next Generation Booster Control System and Booster-Assisted Parachute System to both guide them to their target and assure a safe landing. A cloud-camoflauge helps reduce their visibility during descent.

About the Build »

This Master Grade GM Type C kit from Bandai was combined with the Powered GM conversion set from Ako Hobby.

Modifications were done to the feet to make them somewhat more Katoki-like. The Booster-Assist Parachute Pack was scratchbuild using sheet and tube styrene, Wave option parts, and Kotobukiya option parts.

Painting was done with Tamiya Acrylics. All the colors were custom mixed and airbrushed onto the kit.

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