Cheap & Good Airbrush

One of the questions I get in my inbox at least once a month (including today)  is regarding airbrushes. Specifically questions like:

“I read your tutorial and want to improve my painting by getting an airbrush and compressor. I want/need something cheap though to start with.”

Well, here’s the solution to this common new-modeler problem. The Central Pneumatic 1/5 HP, 100 PSI Compressor and Air Brush Kit available at Harbor Frieght stores and online. At $84.99 (under $100!!!), this is a fantastic set-up for the money. This is the compressor that I am currently using and I really like it so far. The airbrush is a close knock-off of the Badger 155 and great for a beginner. I use a Badger 150 and a 175 with great results. Some folks will recommend something like an Iwata, but seriously, if you’re new to the hobby that large chunk of change can be intimidating.  (or if you’re a cheap-ass like me who believes it’s more the skill of the modeler than the tools he uses/can afford)

Central Pneumatic Airbrush/Compressor set

 This is a great investment for the newbie and his wallet. It’s cheap enough that you won’t have to worry too much about screwing thing up during the learning process, and with the money you’ll save you can buy a few more practice kits!

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