A New Look for FichtenFoo

Hi everyone and welcome to FichtenFoo.com Design Format 4!

Once again I’ve decided to succumb to my urges and redesign the entire site. The last version had some issues such that over time, really began to bug me. The gallery in the pop-up window (due to sharing with Keenix, but now we have separate galleries), plain design, and lack of elements such as a blog were contributing factors. Plus I’m just plain fickle and love to change the look now and then… always trying to improve it. I’m saying to myself now that this design will last for years… but who knows.

This new look takes a few elements from my original modeling site and combines them with a fresh and fun new look. The original site was blue with fractal elements and got lots of nice feedback for the design. Hopefully this site will be as enjoyable to look at as that.

As you can see, a large element of this new site is the retro-styled robots I illustrated. At the moment there are 5 images that will load randomly when the page is refreshed. Later, I might add more robots or even characters. It’s been a while since I’ve drawn anything for myself and had a great time with these bots. I’m going to try and draw more often in the future. Here’s the current line-up in color. I have the urge to scratch build a few of these!


Anyway, enjoy the new look and let me know what you think!

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